School uniforms paid for by IT Works!

Hello Fellow Moms,

I Just realized my entire weekend of school shopping and other fun things with my son was paid for by my wellness company It Works Global. Listen moms out there you don’t have to go into debt or borrow just to do the bare essentials for your children. You have options and you don’t have to get another 9-5 to be able to provide. I work my wellness business around my 9-5 job allowing me to save my pay checks from work building my savings account. Being able to build my savings account will allow me to purchase my first home. See how that works? Stop with the pity party and build something you could be proud of.

Side not: My son use to laugh at me when I first started It Works, but now when I pull out that commission card he smile and say thank you mommy.

I am willing to work with you to help you BUT you have to make the first step. Aren’t you tired of borrowing money just to make ends meet? Leave a comment to connect.






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  1. Hi Dianna,
    Thanks for following my blog, which is much appreciated.
    Good luck with all your business ventures too.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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