Hair Skin Nails Product Review-UPDATE

Hey guys,

I wanted to share my update on my last review on a natural supplement product called Hair skin and nails. I was looking for something that would add length to my hair and I was introduced to this product that would not only add length to my hair, it would also strength my nails and clear my skin!! Listen, I’m a skeptic of these claims HOWEVER thus far two weeks later my hair has show new growth and my nails are strong as bricks…literally.


  • I notice immediate signs of hair growth
  • Promotes healthy cell growth strength and shine
  • I notice immediate signs of stronger , shiner nails
  • Suggested use drink 8 glasses of water (which I hate drinking so this has really helped me a bunch)
  • Boost collagen and keratin


  • Can cause constipation if you don’t drink the suggested amount 8 glasses of water daily

If your in need of a hair & nail growth supplement I highly suggest this product.

Purchase one month supply (60 pills)

Hair Skin Nails click shop–search Hair Skin Nails



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