30 Day Social Media Detox

Hi Friends,

Social media can be a wonderful thing. But when I started questioning my ambitions and goals and comparing my life to others’ based on something as silly as a photo upload or status update, I knew something had to give. My compulsive checking had become a burden instead of a fun way to keep in touch. I wanted to live a better, more present life, and in order to do that I had to stop bombarding myself with information on how everyone else was living theirs.

Beginning tomorrow, I’ll be giving up all of my social media accounts for 30 days. That means Facebook and Instagram. Twitter, too. And yes, even you. I will move all of these apps into remote folders on my devices so I don’t accidentally browse them in those few blurry and confusing moments right after I turn off my alarm in the morning (Am I the only one that rolls over and open facebook?).

Though I don’t quite know what to expect from this project, I hope to reclaim some of that lost perspective and learn to stop worrying so much about anything except myself and what I’m doing that day. Once again, I’ll report back on any new insights at the end of the month. I love social media. (I also love coffee).

This is my chance to strengthen good habits, and observe how those habits change. You can help. If you join me in the social media detox, please write me. Let me know what you learn about yourself contactdiannahicks@gmail.com.

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Resource: http://www.twitter.com/jordanturgeon



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