Create your own opportunity

Now that the election is over I wanted to share something with you. 6 months ago I was an active independent business owner with the direct sells company Total life changes with a team of close to 25 reps. Commission checks were coming in weekly and collecting those commissions actually helped me upgrade my vehicle. Fast forward to today, the commission checks were decreasing, I found myself spending money on marketing materials (that I didn’t need), and after a while dreams of earning 6 figures slinging detox tea went out the window!

Listen, I am not knocking Direct sells at all I actually love the products and still use their products to this day. I made the decision to learn more, to work on my personal development and actually work on branding Dianna Hicks. Why did I make the choice to brand myself? I quickly learned that it’s not the actual product that the leaders were having success with its was that fact that they branded themselves and at any moment they can make 6 figures selling water to a whale.

You get my point yet?

I am super excited to brand myself and my OWN digital products and guess what? I get to keep all of my profits and not just 10% of “volume” as in Direct sells. Take what you know, create your own opportunities and make 100% profit.

STOP wasting time & money
Invest in training’s
Hire a coach
Get organized
Create a solid foundation

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Dianna Hicks-Transitional Coach

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