Social media content planner designed to help you get your butt in gear!

Hi Entrepreneur Friend,

How to use your social media content calendar to save a ton of time!

The challenge of planning, publishing and sharing social media content is resolve with a marketing calendar.

Why use a daily content calendar?

A social media content is a tool that helps you plan out your social media content daily. It is designed to help you get your butt in gear and actually become consistent within your social media marketing efforts.  The ultimate goal for implementing the content calendar is to create content that ends up in converting viewers into customers. Woohoo!! which your end results are to make more money in your business.

So where should you begin?

4 Easy steps to follow

1. Print your November calendar
2. Understand why you are doing daily content marketing
3. Plan your content the night prior and schedule it
4. Execute the plan which means actually do the things on your calendar


Use your monthly calendar to set up a schedule that you can follow. Decide the time that you wish to post and schedule it the night prior. Scheduling your social media post can do a couple of amazing things. Content calendars helps you with writers block, and also help with content gaps on your business pages.

Take control of your content strategy by using your free tool the social media daily marketing calendar. Let me know what you guys think drop me a line on facebook

Dianna Hicks



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