Who Are You?

Who you are-1Happy Sunday Entrepreneur Friends!

I wanted to ask you a simple, yet difficult, question. Who are you?

I know you’re like well… what do you mean? Is that a trick question?

As a business owner, what is your business identity? What is your brand message?

In the pas,t I personally found it hard to narrow down my niche and really target my market. I was a business owner trying to appeal to everyone. After doing more research, taking classes, and really just educating myself I learned that I really didn’t know my target audience after all. It us impossible to try to cater and appeal to everyone because your message will become watered down.

Here are 5 key elements to help you become aware of who you are as a brand:

  • Become aware of who you are as a business owner (Brand yourself by finding out what you’re most passionate about)
  • Work on your internet presence (Do your social media platforms correspond with your brand message)
  • Research your target audience (Who needs what your offering)
  • What is your brand message to the people (A clear, concise message)
  • Narrow down your niche (Everyone is not your customer)

Why do most people fail:

  • Information overload
  • No focus
  • Wrong Niche
  • Wrong product
  • Trying to sell to everyone
  • No proper business planning
  • No budgeting
  • No training
  • No¬† personal development
  • Trying to sell to broke people


Action Steps:

  1. Research and write down your clear brand message for your business.
  2. Create a blog and create your “About Me” page.
  3. Share your new blog and “About Me” page to your¬†entrepreneur friends on Facebook
  4. I look forward to meeting you on Facebook and reading about you on your blog.



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