Clean Your Subscriptions


Hey there Entrepreneur Friends!

Okay, my very first blog I talked about organizing my life and business.  Today, I want to talk about taking action and organizing your finances and getting rid of subscriptions that you don’t need. I admit I was the queen of signing up to everyone’s free trial. This means I had to input my credit card information and once the free trial was over, if I didn’t close the account, that particular company would have the right to charge me no matter if I actually used the service or not.

Here are a few accounts I recently cleaned and removed my credit card information from:

  1. (min. $15 a month plus shipping cost of each package)


I actually think is a convenient way to ship orders if you have a business. You are able to package, weigh, and ship your orders from home.


I own an online eCommerce business, HOWEVER, I actually live 1 block away from my local post office.  Also, seeing me ship packages prompts questions about what I was shipping and because I ship wigs I was then able to make the ladies of the post office my customers .  The point is I saved $15 a month and made new customers by being visible.


  1. Amazon Prime ( $99 per year or $9.99 a month)


Great perks, fast shipping, and delayed payment credit options


Its simple. I don’t purchase enough items or sell items on Amazon to justify paying $99 a year It was a waste of money. Also, they have the same 30-days-free trial and of course I almost forgot to cancel the free membership in time.


  1. A Weber ($19 a month)


Awesome program to build email lists and create automated email campaigns


There are really no cons to a Weber. Its not expensive BUT there are a few other ways to send your emails and build a list for free such as Mail Chimp, and most website hosts have the email list feature now. I am currently using my weebly website host email feature and so far its working fine..for free.


Task after reading:

Get fearless, say NO, and close those accounts you are not using!!!!!

  • Write down all of the tools and programs you are currently being charged for and also make note of how often you use that particular program or tool to justify the charges.
  • If you don’t remember the free trials you may have subscribed to just check your emails for alerts “free trial expire”
  • Call each company directly and cancel all automatic subscriptions you are being charged for that you are not using.


It’s important to start with a clean slate in your business and in your personal life to be able to  have a clearer vision on where you’re going. Starting September 1st, I am utilizing a fully detailed budget for my business. I am totally excited to actually create the budget and stick to it. If you are in need of a  solid budget template for your business check out the Prime Enterprise Group  


It’s time to take action and control of your business spending! Stop giving it away!

Lets connect on face book for more detailed post on my journey:


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